Do You Need Ink-Based Fingerprints?

Ink-based or rolled fingerprint images are obtained by rolling. a finger from one side to the other (“nail-to-nail”) in order to capture all the. ridge details of a finger. Plain fingerprints are those in which the finger is pressed. down on a flat
surface but not rolled.

Have you been told to mail your prints in? If so, you need to have rolled or ink-based fingerprints. We only use FBI recognized FD-258 Applicant Fingerprint cards.

​The common requests for ink rolled prints:

  • Employment screening
  • Background checks (employment or FBI)
  • IRS EFIN Numbers
  • Security clearance
  • Non – US Citizen FBI Criminal History Report request require ink-rolled prints
  • Bar Association Registration – out of state 
  • IRS EFIN Numbers
  • Immigration, sponsors [slightly bilingual]
  • Firearm registration
  • US Census Bureau Hiring
  • Name Change Background Check
  • Licensing

We provide mobile fingerprinting appointments where we come to you for your fingerprinting needs. We offer this service in West Palm Beach and surrounding cities.